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Well what can I say, Tanya is definitely one in a million! She helped me to gain confidence in learning new skills and implementing these into my business which enabled me to rapidly increase my income. 

Her blue prints were easy to follow which meant I could focus on growing my business instead of being overwhelmed by the "how to's". Thanks Tanya!
Gabby Seage - U.K


This workshop is valued at over £495. You will be charged £1 today and £49 on the day following the event. If you aren't delighted, let us know in person before 5pm and we won't charge you a penny! 
Tanya's a truly inspirational human. She's not only a fabulous business woman herself, but she helps turn others into successful business people. Always there when you need her, her tips are amazing and she's got the life experience to back it up. Tanya helped me go from being terrified of people to running a small group fitness class on my own. I never would have believed that was possible before, and without Tanya, it probably never would have been.
 Sarah Boardman - U.K

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